~ Model legislation for a green economy ~

Lawyers for Green Jobs was a group of young attorneys passionately committed to a green national and local economy in America. They had all come out of the New York City Environmental Law Leadership Institute (NYCELLI), a seminar in New York City on leadership in environmental law.

Affectionately called L4GJ, they drafted the New York State Green Workforce Development and Education Act, the first all-inclusive model legislation for green jobs for the State of New York. And then, in the true spirit of their mission to harness the power of the law to serve real communities, they also began reaching out to stakeholders and forming cross-sectoral alliances.

We provided communications for the effort to introduce the legislation to the State of New York: we developed a strategic communications and media outreach plan, wrote their press releases, created a media kit, and accompanied them to meetings with lawmakers, all pro bono—because we believe in service and support.

Because it’s not just about an innovative legislative bill that would help New York put into place a comprehensive workforce development program to train people for green jobs and stimulate the state’s green economy. It’s about engaging legislation on the ground, to make a tangible impact on people’s lives.

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