The English language is a little nutty.

Shift emphasis from one syllable to the other and the whole meaning of the word changes.

Do you prefer to be content or happy?

The real question is, does your content bring your audiences joy?

If it doesn’t, your mama—or your CEO—won’t be too thrilled with you.

Warrior Queen

Content is a Warrior Queen

We all know who really runs the palace. But it’s not enough simply to be Queen. Leadership is earned, not given.

Your vision needs to stretch far into the horizon—every word you speak reflect confidence in that vision, and your reputation precede you with fierce brilliance.

Your story needs to stay true to your core, through uncertainty, chaos, or fear. It’s easy to do well in good times—but can your ship sail through stormy seas?

And remember that your competition is watching. Stay sharp.

If you build it... build it right.

Content design is a big thing now. Does our content look cool, does it get us likes and followers? How much more can we stuff into our platforms?

But that’s like finding random pieces of furniture and artworks to decorate your house—or worse, mask the fact your house was built wrong to begin with.

You need someone who gets both art and architecture. Data and algorithms. Literature and high tech. People and products.

We’ll help you design your house from within, with a voice, a message, a narrative. That’s how they’ll know it’s you, wherever they see you. The algorithms will notice, too.

All you need to do is get in touch.

Cultivate your garden

For a good harvest, you start with prime seedlings. You plant them in rich soil. Give them water, sunlight, and the right balance of pollinators and pest predators. You might even bring in a few other plants and trees, so your garden doesn’t produce just one type of fruit or flower.

Ok, so you’ve got a cornucopia of content—videos, blogs, newsletters, social posts, web pages, maybe a podcast, too. But you still need that narrative arc that tells the Story of You. Without it, it’s just a basket of ingredients.

Let us tend your garden for you.