They say the pen is mightier than the sword. But do you know the reasons why?

The pen can paint more pictures, forge more laws, and move more hearts than the enemies a sword can cut down.

The pen creates; the sword destroys.

The pen leaks only ink. The sword… well… it’s harder to clean up.

And also… the pen wins because you’re not allowed to bring swords into the office.

Words run deeper than swords

Credibility. Trust. Influence. Impact. The power of words is real—but it’s a power that lives and dies by the metal of your pen. If it’s weak, confusing, or irrelevant, you risk losing your authority.

The world’s most compelling thought leaders know the value of well-crafted communications, the importance of timing, and the advantage of expert guidance. This is why the quiet power of strategy, experience, and insight can make the difference between irrelevance and impact.

We might be quiet, but we are mighty. Let us guide the long-term strokes of your pen.

Speak their language

Communication is connection. How do you connect with people you’ve never met IRL—and likely never will?

You need to speak the language of your tribe. Scientists. Engineers. Artists. Designers. Technologists. Entrepreneurs. Attorneys. Legislators. CEOs. Salespeople. Journalists. Teachers. Parents. Kids.

We speak all those languages. We’ve spent time in the wild with those tribes.

There’s nothing like having a native guide to lead you through the jungle.



Dolphins in Hawaii

Never let them forget you

You know when you discover a new song you just can’t stop listening to? It transports you. Stops you in your tracks. Plays in your head all day long.

It’s the same with a good string of words. Can be as short as a quote or a headline, or as long as an article or book. Yes even emails can be memorable. That’s the power of words done well.

Engage. Entertain. Educate. Empower. Empathize. That’s how you write the lyrics your audience can listen to, forever.

And this is how you can start making music with us.