~ Cacao is food for the soul ~

You’re at a winery in Paso Robles (because you’ve been there and done Napa). Glass of fine wine in your hand, a plate of cheese and fruit… and in front of you, a tableau of seven different chocolates… including one you didn’t know even existed.

Where are you? Why, at a private chocolate tasting presented by LUCITÀ chief Birgitte, of course.

“What?” you say. “Why would a content marketing firm do chocolate tasting?”

Well we’re not a traditional content marketing firm.

“Okay, but it’s not listed on your Services page.”

That’s because chocolate tasting isn’t a service. It’s a privilege.

“Well don’t you need, I don’t know, credentials? Like actual expertise?”

You are extraordinarily correct. Just so happens Birgitte wrote a novel about the history and mythology of cacao, has done numerous chocolate workshops, led tastings, and serves as a judge for the International Chocolate Salon Awards.

You swoon for a bit, feeling that warm Paso Robles air. “Right on. Where do I sign up?”

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