~ Driving into the future ~

Tesla drivers are some of the most passionate car fans on the planet. In August 2022, 2200 people descended on San Luis Obispo, California, to spend a day in Tesla heaven. An entire grass field of customized cars. Great food, lots of vendors for every aspect of your EV experience you could possibly ask for, and there was even stuff to do for the kids.

We also had a few Rivians and Lucids join us—because in this new automotive era, there’s room for everyone. Quite literally.

And on the main stage, our very own Birgitte took over for the afternoon to interview four companies invested in the EV/Tesla space:

  • Xcelerate: commercial and consumer leasing, fleet financing, leasing, and XCare, the only extended warranty designed for EVs
  • ev.energy: a smart platform for optimizing EV charging
  • Caremiles: SaaS (Sustainability as a Service)—plant trees just by driving your EV
  • Drivyn: personal driver instruction for Tesla owners

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