~ Giving small business owners a voice ~

Clover was founded to help the small business owner process payments and run their business better. When we came onboard to work with Clover, thousands of small businesses across the U.S. were using Clover, but no one was telling their story. So we proposed a first-person interview series to let the merchants tell their stories directly. It’s called “Meet the Merchant,” and it’s become wildly successful.

We produced stories about merchants ranging from ice cream shops and beauty salons to German biergartens and cafes, like No Limits Cafe, a little place in New Jersey that employs people with disabilities. The client loved their story so much they even got one of their top executives to do a joint media interview with them.

Some of our other favorite merchant interviews include Chateau 4 Paws, a pet grooming business in Georgia, Un Solo Sol, a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, and Dexter’s Birdland, an eatery in Orlando, Florida.

All in all, several hundred Meet the Merchant stories have been produced since we created the program, and it’s still going strong today. Nothing like teaching your client—and their other content agencies—to fish!

"Meet the Merchant"
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