~ Sustainable forestry is possible ~

One of our very first client projects, Green Carbon is a 16-minute docudrama about the role of carbon sequestration and sustainable forestry in the context of the Kyoto Protocol. Commissioned by Forest Trends, a non profit organization based in Washington, DC, it was shot on location in Belize and DC under an intense production schedule.

Green Carbon was officially presented at the 13th Sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in September 2000 in Lyon, France. It was subsequently distributed to 36 countries and shown in 2 film festivals.

In addition to producing Green Carbon, we also co-wrote the script and the dialogue with forestry experts from Forest Trends and the World Bank.

The video is no longer available for viewing (it was shot on BETA, as in, before digital video—remember that?), but above (second photo) is a still from the dialogue we wrote between two experts, played by actors, discussing the pros and cons of sustainable forestry. The first photo is a shot of Birgitte and the local forestry staff in Belize.

Green Carbon
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