~ Yo, Google. I mean, Hey Google! ~

In the fall of 2016, Birgitte had lunch with a friend at Google. A week later she tripped across a job post she couldn’t believe. “How did they know I exist?” she thought. It was the most eclectic set of requirements you’ll ever see: polyglot, script writing, technical writing, mobile app development, film production, chocolate crepes, and so on.

Ok maybe not the chocolate crepes. But long story short, she ended up getting hired as a creative writer for the brand new Google Assistant team. For the next 15 months she wrote reams and reams of strings (read: text and dialogue), reviewed thousands of lines of grammar structures, and curated truckloads of cultural content for the launches of Google Assistant in Latin America and France. She also helped direct the French voice talent. When her boss found out she spoke 5.5 languages, she asked her to help out with the Assistant’s launches in Canada and Italy too.

It was on this job that Birgitte wrote her first jokes—in Spanish no less. “Never in my life did I think I could actually write a joke,” she says. She’s since come up with original mom jokes in English, such as:

Q: Where did the dentist take her family on a roadtrip?
A: Mt. Brushmore!

Note: while this project wasn’t technically run through LUCITÀ, Birgitte did want to showcase it as one of her most enjoyable projects in the tech sphere. And also to prove AI ain’t got nothin’ on us real (human) writers.

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