Ever wonder why you married the person you did?  Or why your best friend seems to know you better than you do yourself?  Or why you just fall into instant chemistry with certain people but not with others no matter how hard you try?  

The Mayan Calendar has a unique and very interesting dual compatibility system built in, that most people don't know about.

We do.  We made the app.

My Mayan Match


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The traditional Maya use the Tzolkin compatibility matrix to determine all kinds of important life decisions:whom to marry or go out with, whom to befriend, who to work with, who to share your innermost secrets with, and, just as critically… whom to avoid, in whatever circumstance.

Just as with our other inhouse app, MCP Mayan Tzolkin, we designed, developed, tested and re-tested this app. The QA certainly made it clear who we're compatible with and who we're not!