In 2005, we got a yummy offer: design and develop the corporate web site for Cheese Works, Inc., an importer and distributor of fine gourmet foods from all over the world. The B2B site would showcase Cheese Works products to their high-end retailers and internal sales force—and most importantly, it needed a long shelf-life.

We were not lured by the temptation of fine cheeses, delicate oils, or heavenly pastas.  Oh no.  We took this job very seriously.  We knew that to build this site, it would take only the freshest colors, the finest lines, and the greatest of care when mixing the ingredients all together.  We even designed and built the oven to bake all the ingredients in: a robust content management system and a powerful database-driven search engine, complete with user accounts and wish lists that serve as product sales demos.  And to top it all off, a rotating advertising section for featured suppliers.

Three years later, the client is still managing this kitchen all on their own.  Feel like a bit of site tasting?  Visit