LUCITÀ is a family.  Some of us have known each other for years; others have just arrived.  Some of us love to cook, some of us can detail cars, some are expert flyfishermen, some burn up the floor with their salsa skills and others are setting up co-ops in their local communities. 

We’re not your typical group of people.  We come from 7 different countries and 4 continents, and collectively have traveled nearly the entire world.  We speak 5 languages, eat wildly different foods, and listen to music from every culture you can imagine.  Some of us work late at night and some get up at dawn… and sometimes that candle gets burned at both ends.  That’s when we turn up the music!

Nor is LUCITÀ your typical company.  Instead of imposing a traditional corporate structure upon our people, our people shape the structure of the company.  If someone wants to add on a new hat, all they have to do is prove they can wear it well—consistently.  If someone wants to explore the world to get to know themselves better, we’ll accommodate their dreams.  But with greater flexibility come greater accountability, commitment and responsibility—so we keep that bar plenty high.

There’s a lot we don’t have here: there is no ivory tower for the CEO, no “junior” or “entry-level” positions, and absolutely no ceilings of any kind.  There’s no 9 to 5, no nano-second lunches, no force-fed company retreats. There are no corporate year-end evaluations, just unfettered progress and evolution. 

In short, there’s only time spent well.  Time invested in ourselves as human beings and as professionals who love what they do.  Everyone here is expected to grow, learn, advance.  To take away not just a great name for their CV, but sharpened skills, life-lasting insights and better ways of thinking, observing, communicating.  And most importantly, to become a fuller, richer person than when they started.